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A Boy and his Dream

Book Alaric to raise funds to help his Uncle Jason walk again

For all of Alaric's life, he has watched his Uncle Jason fighting to regain his ability to walk and see again after a spontaneous brain injury.  Recently, Alaric was excited to find out that Jason could walk again with a rigorous physical therapy schedule. Alaric has decided to lend his voice to the cause and is raising money to contribute to his uncle's physical therapy needs. Help his uncle walk again by booking him to recite the MLK "I Have A Dream" speech for your in-person or virtual events.


More About Alaric Jason Watkins

Alaric memorized Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech as a birthday gift to his mother when he was just six years old. 
He has enjoyed reciting this speech for different events and organizations to help promote peace and love. In the past, he raised $1000 to contribute towards his uncle Jason's physical therapy so he could walk again.

This year, he wants to use his platform to raise money so he can take a school trip to Japan. Alaric is drawn to the culture, language, spirituality, and art of Japan (specifically anime and manga). 

Alaric is a 6th grader at Druid Hills Middle School in Decatur, Georgia. He loves music and plays the trumpet. He is proud to have not only made the accelerated jazz band (as one of two 6th graders), but he has also decided to pick up the French Horn. He has recently joined Ultimate Frisbee and loves the spirit circle at the end. So far, he is part of their Environmental Club and is happy to be a part of their Gifted Program this year. His after-school activities include boxing, and he is a proud new member of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 18.

He hopes to one day have a brand new X-Box, become a lawyer, and build his mama a beautiful house. 

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